In some companies, you'll find the developers hidden away up in some soulless cube farm. But at Codagami, we hire the best and we put them front and center. In a creative environment that inspires the innovative solutions our clients deserve and expect.
Jeff Young
Jeff Young
President / CEO

In 1999, Jeff left a company where developers were rewarded for "putting in their time" to create one where they would be inspired to seek out better solutions. As a proud graduate of the University of Illinois, he called his new venture Illini Computing. And the fledging tech company was soon earning its chops, successfully engineering and deploying the point-of-purchase systems used by one of the world's largest franchise restaurants at locations around the globe.

Today, that company is called Codagami. And Jeff is still at the helm, steering a like-minded team of strategist, developers and visionaries bent on giving customers solutions that go far outside the box.

Krystal Young
Krystal Young
Managing Partner

While Codagami develops the sophisticated technological solutions deployed by Fortune 500 around the globe, at its heart it's still a family business. And at the core of that business, you'll find Krystal Young, managing partner and wife of company founder Jeff Young.

Prior to joining Codagami, Krystal worked in the human resources department of a large health staffing company in Chicago, where she honed the skills essential to manage a growing business. From HR, to accounting, to project scheduling, Krystal provides the support services required to keep the rest of the team on task, on time and on target. In 2010, she proved her ability to multitask, successfully completing a master's in education from the University of Illinois while balancing the demands of work with those of the couple's three young daughters at home.

Matt Hutton
Matt Hutton

Matt founded Spinlight Studio in 2000, just two years after graduating from Eastern Illinois University with a BS in graphic design. Six years later, he was named one of Graphic Design USA's "People to Watch" after Spinlight Studio took home more American Graphic Design awards than any other firm in the country.

In 2010, Hutton began exploring educational apps for the mobile platform, shifting the company's focus from branding to app development. Since then, Spinlight Studio has released a long string of successful apps for both the iOS and Android platform, achieving Top 100 status in more than 65 countries around the globe and earning multiple Parents' Choice Awards.


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