We provide the custom software solutions that work for your office — whether that office is just down the hall or in a hotel room halfway around the globe. From the laptop to the latest mobile devices, we design integrated solutions that work point to point, from any point in the world.
iOS (Swift, Objective C, Xamarin, AIR, Unity)
Android (Java, Xamarin, AIR, Unity)
Windows (C#, HTML/Javascript, Unity)
ASP.NET 4/5 (C#)
Platforms (Azure, AWS)
Windows (UWP, WPF, Store Apps)
Mac OS X (Swift, Xamarin, AIR)


When off-the-shelf solutions don't cut it, we'll build the tools that will. Whether that means creating original software from start to finish for Mac and Windows, or simply bridging the gap to make the software you use work better — we can help.


The future of business is mobile. And at Codagami we are already there, assisting our customers with powerful apps for Windows, iOS and Android. From stand-alone apps to apps that interface with elaborate cloud backend systems, we can put the tools in motion that give you an edge on the go.


Today's vast data centers provide endless opportunities to streamline your operations, reducing the cost, hassles and inherent dangers of maintaining your systems on-site. And with powerful tools like Windows Azure, we can take that advantage even further, creating applications that exist in the cloud and work with your internal data. Or vice versa. For scalable solutions that put you in control.

Our Customers.
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