Billy's Coin Tops the iPad Charts

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Champaign, Illinois, April 28, 2015 — Billy's Coin Visits the Zoo reached #1 on the iPad U.S. Books chart. This marks Spinlight's first time to take the #1 position in their category. We've been close many times, but this is a Spinlight first. High fives!!!!


The reviews are rolling in:

"Billy's Coin Visits the Zoo delivers a lively animal romp filled with clever rhymes, crafty illustrations, and sassy interactions. 5 stars (out of 5)."

"4 stars (out of 4). This delightful zoo romp follows the path of a gold coin after little boy Billy drops it down the grate at the entrance to the zoo."

"This interactive storybook is highly recommended. The verse is infectious, and the artwork truly original."
— Teachers With Apps

"A day at the zoo is always so much fun. In Spinlight's beautiful new app, Billy's Coin Visits the Zoo, kids can read along the story of a lost coin's day at a handmade zoo."
— Geeks With Juniors

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