Codagami acquires Spinlight Studio

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Champaign, Illinois, July 31, 2015 — Today Codagami announced the purchase of Spinlight Studio, acquiring the company's entire catalog of award-winning education apps and bringing a new level of design to its enterprise software projects.

"With the acquisition of Spinlight, we'll be able to build a better class of applications and expand our mobile offerings," says Jeffrey Young, President / CEO of Codagami. That's great news for the company's larger clients. "Our clients aren't just technology-savvy. They're consumer-focused, and they need a partner who can meet all of their software needs. Spinlight is highly skilled at building brands and creating an engaging user experience."

Since 2012, Spinlight has released 17 educational apps, garnering 10 Parents' Choice Awards and the attention of Apple, who often features the company's apps in its handpicked recommendations. From the Today Show to the New York Times, Spinlight apps have routinely appeared in the national press, making it one of the highest-profile independent brands in education.

As part of the acquisition, Spinlight CEO and founder Matt Hutton will join Codagami as chief operating officer and continue to oversee the development of new apps, which will also benefit significantly from the merger. "We can dream bigger now," says Hutton. "We no longer have to hold back because our vision exceeds our resources. With the developer talent available at Codagami, we can do things that are far more advanced and ambitious."

In addition to original content, that means pursing software development for other major children's brands that Spinlight has cultivated relationships with over the years. "We're already talking with many of these companies," says Hutton. "And I'm really looking forward to seeing where that leads."

About Codagami

Codagami is a global leader in enterprise solutions, providing custom desktop software, cloud migration and mobile applications for a long list of Fortune 500 companies. In 2015, Codagami acquired Spinlight Studio, a recognized leader in mobile education with 16 best-selling titles for the iOS, Android and Mac OS.

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