Serious Fun. Codagami acquired Spinlight Studio, a recognized leader in mobile education with 17 best-selling titles for the iOS, Android and Mac OS.
2014 Significant Contribution Award. As part of the 2014 McDonald's Canada Suppliers Summit, Codagami took home the award for Significant Contribution in the area of Information Technology services.
Meet the Team.
Mobile development for iOS (Swift, Objective C, Xamarin, AIR, Unity), Android (Java, Xamarin, AIR, Unity), and Windows (C#, HTML/Javascript, Unity).

One beautiful solution.

For every technological problem, there is an artful answer. One that balances the needs of the now with the growing demands of the future.

At Codagami, we provide those solutions. From cloud migration, to secure client-side systems that work across platforms and around the world. All connected by the custom software that turns a few thousand lines of code into one beautiful solution.

Our Customers.
Intel McDonald's General Mills City of Champaign Leadershape Toppers Pizza MUTI Champaign Unit 4 Schools